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2024 / February
Dialpad appoints Nick Slater as CRO to drive AI growthSlater has been serving as interim CRO since August 2023, significantly contributing to the company's AI-powered revenue growth and customer expansion. He previously served as Dialpad’s Senior Vice President (SVP) of Global Operations & Sales Strategy.
Skillshare launches new partnership and exclusive content from its top teachers for Procreate DreamsSkillshare has teamed up with the new animation app Procreate Dreams™ to develop a customized series of content that teaches students how to use and optimize tools from the highly anticipated animation software.
Clarity collaborates with the Thrive Jersey team to launch Breathe JerseyAir quality data will be collected, validated and offered as open source for research and other purposes. The project will involve all areas of the community, including schools, parishes and other interested parties to provide a real-time picture of pollution.
Xendit partners with Tonik to extend payment optionsStarting this February, Tonik customers can cash in from their BPI, UnionBank and GCash accounts, as well as new cash-in channels from banks like RCBC and Chinabank.
Go1 boosts personalized learning content discovery and curation with Go1 AIGo1 AI is a new suite of features that offers more personalized learning content discovery and curation. With this new functionality, L&D admins can effortlessly find and match the best content to the unique needs of every learner, based on the content intelligence of more than 130,000 courses in the Go1 platform.






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