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Who we are

All firms evolve with time. But some things at Amasia are unchanging:

  • Substance is our style

    We bring a depth of curiosity, passion, and thoughtfulness to everything we do and every company we support.

  • Few and focused

    We make a small number of investments every year so we can bring the focus and engagement our founders need and deserve.

  • A worldview that involves the world

    We bring global experience and networks to growing global companies.

  • Founder responsible

    We approach every relationship with candor and respect — we will always speak plainly.

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What we do

We invest in companies that help us get to a safer and more sustainable planet.

  • Using a nuanced framework designed around behavior change, we:

    invest in founders with global ambitions…

    …at the Seed to Series B stage…

    …across the United States, Southeast Asia, India, Europe and Latin America.

  • We facilitate their growth with access to:

    global markets,

    global best practices,

    and global knowledge.

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