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Amasia Leaders

  • Must have the support of the executive’s employer

  • Be able to commit to a regular cadence of meetings

  • Interest in growth and career development

  • Join managing partner at board meetings or pitch presentations

  • Think through ideas and innovations relevant to industry

  • Partake in discussions around market trends

Current Leaders

  • Kayalin Akins-Irby
    Head of Partnerships, PlanetFWD
  • Kaya Ten-Pow
    Senior Strategy and Operations Manager, Skillshare
  • Janet Neo
    Vice President of Corporate Sustainability, Lazada

The Amasia Leaders initiative for technology executives is part of the Future Voices Program. Leaders are paired with one of the managing partners and engage in a variety of ways that are synergistic with their own work and career goals. These include joining board meetings, thinking through ideas and innovations, and discussing market trends.

The program requires the support of the executive’s employer.

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